Webdriver Wait Commands and Examples

In automation testing, waiting makes the test execution pause for a certain amount of time before continuing with the next step. Selenium WebDriver provides various commands for implementing wait. In this post, we are going to discuss Webdriver Wait commands supplied by the Selenium WebDriver. However, if you want to do some serious automation projects, then you must refer to…

Meenakshi Agarwal

Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles – Your Guide to Success

Want to join Amazon or going to join it? If yes, you need to learn about Amazon's leadership principles. These are not merely a piece of text but actually, the mantras behind Amazon becoming a powerhouse. In this guide, we'll break down each one in plain talk with examples to help you get a grip on them and use them…

Meenakshi Agarwal

Understanding Python Timestamps: A Simple Guide

In Python, a timestamp is like a timestamp! It's a number that tells you when something happened. This guide will help you get comfortable with timestamps in Python. We'll talk about how to make them, change them, and why they're useful. Getting Started with Timestamp in Python A timestamp is just a way of saying, "Hey, this happened at this…

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